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A Step into Other Lives

A Step into Other Lives Can a Christian experience reincarnation? In a thought provoking book, the author asks what the real meaning of life is as under a normal hypnotic session to cure his fear of snakes, the author suddenly began to recount events from another life. As the hypnotist hastily began to write down […]

Brain Plasticity

Brain Plasticity How the Brain Learns Through the  Mind to  Create Intelligence The whole Science of Cognitive Psychology is built upon the idea that we are born with a  family quality of intelligence, which develops through environmental experience. However, as we examined in Intelligence: The Great Lie, there is no real evidence to this explanation, […]

Five Ways for Better Grades

Five Ways for Better Grades With a life time of experience in understanding how to pass exams successfully, the author has identified five specific factors that will enable any student to do better in their studies and life. Here, the reader is introduced to new thoughts about what is really wrong with school, and why […]

Intelligence: The Great Lie

  Intelligence: The Great Lie “One of the most important books written this century.” Prof / Dean Emeritus David Martin Ph.D Gallaudet University Washington, D.C. USA We reason today that most people in the West believe that education is relatively fair, and gives equal opportunity to all children, after all, the social barriers of an […]

Online Teacher Training course

An Online Teacher Training Course The Art of Efficient Teaching in the 21st Century by Roy and Irina Andersen Since the earliest times of formal education, people of good intent have sought to make the learning experience more enjoyable and more meaningful for children. Rousseau’s story of “Emile” in the 18th century intended to centre […]

Teach Better Learn Better

Teach Better Learn Better A professor English and a current principal of a school, gives testimony to the effectiveness of Roy Andersen’s method of teaching   Teachers try hard to improve the learning and grades of their students. It is not easy! In a book offering many thoughts, new understandings and lot of tips for […]

The Real Dangers of A.I

The Real Dangers of A.I  The Struggle of Man to Survive by Natural or Artificial Intelligence. A New Role for the School Here is an up to-date account of the very real danger of artificial intelligence over taking our lives and the very little we can do to actually control this development. The machine we […]

The Woman

  The Woman “I couldn’t put it down! The author’s writing style is captivating.” For the first time, Roy turns his writing skills to create one of the most romantic adventure stories ever told. ever told. Jane Witlaw is a young woman living in Cornwall in the 1770’s. While out one night, and torn between […]

The Illusion of School

The Illusion of School The book every Teacher and every Parent should read. Do you worry about your child in school? Do you wish to help your students learn better?   Have you ever wondered why too many children actually fail in school today? In a book that took many years of research and with […]