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“Our children will live and work in a totally different world than we do!
Their world will be dominated by artificial intelligence and have greater social stress than ours.
School, in every country, is not preparing them for this.
School still focuses on children passing exams.
We need a NEW SCHOOL EXPERIENCE to teach high reasoning skills, so children will by more adaptable in their intelligence and be more responsible to themselves and the global society.
These books were written to explain why and how this change can be achieved URGENTLY.”

Roy Andersen

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“If you've ever wanted to unravel how student's learn, Roy’s books are the answer you have been looking for! They should be mandatory reading for every parent and educator.”

 Erin Calhoun. National Institute of Learning Development. USA

book oneexplains why school still processes children on the skills they display, instead of teaching them how to think better.

book two roy andersenproves, after 30 years of research, why intelligence is NOT inherited.
It is not the color of the child that makes the difference, but what happens after birth!

book-three-roy-andersengives a totally new way to understand intelligence,
and how intelligence develops in the child’s brain.

book-four-roy-andersenshows how parents and teachers can improve the child’s ability to learn.

book-five-roy-andersendiscusses the future effect of technology, introduces a “new” way of teaching and gives a whole new school design for the future .

“These books are never dull, not even for a moment. Beautifully written -- easy to read.”

Rachel Wong.  Principal.  Malaysia

“Roy Andersen's research and writings provide deep insights into the minds of children.”

  Daniel Tay Xiong Sheng.Educator. Singapore.

“This work is a real masterpiece of modern education.”

Nicoletta Lastella, Feuerstein trainer, Sviluppo Cognitive. Italy.

memories-of-a-happy-teacher roy andersen

5 ways for better grades-roy-andersen

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