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Teacher, Parent, Child

Published by Austin Macauley Publishers will be available Autumn 2021

What the experts say:

“Teacher, Parent, Child’ is written by a teacher who teaches from the heart. Every school should put this book in the hands of all school staff. School leaders should provide opportunities for weekly and regular dialogue. These conversations can build teacher and student capacity toward teaching and learning.”
Dr Gwendolyn Lavert. Educational Consultant. U.S.A.

“This book appears to me to be very relevant to those currently teaching and particularly those who are just starting their career. Whilst presented as stories, they contextualize the learning process and provide clear and well developed scenarios and ideas of problems faced by learners, reasons for them and importantly how teachers can start to address the different challenges they and their learners face in the mainstream classroom. In short, I think the book would make a great addition to any initial teacher training reading list.”
Ian Arkell. Educational Consultant CEO SchoolPro. UK

“Roy’s books should be read by every parent and educator in the world. They do represent a real breakthrough in our understanding of what intelligence is and how it develops, and the importance of changing the ways students are both parented and educated. Roy is doing for learning the work that is as significant as was that done in the past by such figures as John Dewey. These are must-reads for both parents and educators alike.”
Prof / Dean Emeritus David Martin PhD Gallaudet University Washington, D.C. USA

“The whole set of Roy’s 7 books should be in the library of each school in every corner of the world. They should also be part of the syllabus in the institutions who are offering child psychology, and teacher training diplomas and degree programs, or at least they should be the part of a refresher course.”
M.Imran Khan. CEO AIMMS Universities. Middle East.

“These are very important and interesting books, with lots of valuable points for parents and teachers. They bring learning and education to a whole new level. Well done!”
Prof. Mads Hermansen. Educational Psychologist. Denmark.

teacher training

“Roy is a great educationist. He is an experienced consultant and provides assistance regarding the selection of an appropriate syllabus for school children. He can play a pivotal role in promoting any school with a disruptive record. I know he helps a situation where teachers keep grudges against children and are vindictive towards them. He understands and helps with the role of the parent in the school and all about the development of the child’s social, emotional and personal skills. He helped me a lot with one angry mother I had to deal with.”

Dr. Sadaf Iqbal Principal Aurakzai model School, Hazara university. Pakistan.

“Roy’s calm and thoughtful approach to supporting individuals is as refreshing as it is effective. He is respected across the globe for his work to improve the quality of education for both the individual and at a system level.”

Ian Arkell. Principal and Educational Consultant. U.K.

“Dear Teachers., you would find Roy Anderson to be an adaptable, affectionate and amiable educational consultant who works diligently and intuitively to help all teachers with the teaching responsibilities and stresses they have. I know him to be passionate and persistent to resolve any problem concerning the academic development of a child. You would find his assistance invaluable.”

Huma Kirmani. School Consultant, Honorary member of United Nation of Pakistan and author. Pakistan.

“My teachers and I have been trained by Roy, so we know what we are talking about. He is really the best in the field of training to teachers and to all people associated with how a school is able to operate at its very best.
Roy understands very well how a school operates and how its teachers will vary in their teaching from country to country, but he understands very well how to bring all this down to a heart to heart level so anyone anywhere can learn from him. His teachings and his ways touched the heart of my students and brought them very close to their teachers, so I now have a very, very happy school.”

Tej Shrestha. Principal. Sunshine School. Nepal.

“Roy, your works are something that every parent of today’s world dominated by AI, as you said, must know about. It is certainly how we share the behaviour and he way they perceive the world that makes them who they are in the future. Keep us updated. Thank you.”

Jyoti Khadka. TV host. Nepal

“Roy has been a very great help to me with his advice concerning my nephew who kept escaping from school. He has also given great advice about another member of my family. I know he helps parents all over the world. I think every mother should consult him when they have a problem with their child.”

Kia Oulebsir. Guardian and Teacher France.

“Thank you so much Roy for your advice. Thanks to you, my son is a happy child now and not as he used to be. He is developing himself little by little”

Nihel Salsabil. Mother. Algeria.

“Mind blowing and Totally Relevant!”

Khagendra Bist, Teacher

“I saw your presentation and was amazed at the way you explain the lessons. It worked a lot for me with my pupils.”

Emily Iman. Teacher. Algeria.

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