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Roy’s book should be read by every Parent and Educator in the World”

Prof / Dean Emeritus David Martin Ph.D Gallaudet University Washington, D.C. USA

“The books of Roy Andersen are very important books that should be read by every parent and educator in the world. They represent a real breakthrough in our understanding of what intelligence is and how it develops, and the importance of changing the ways students are both parented and educated.

Prof / Dean Emeritus David Martin Ph.D Gallaudet University

Washington, D.C. USA

“Roy’s series of books clearly and methodically map out exactly how students learn. He isn’t afraid to address head-on the many misconceptions that are plaguing our society and thus having a negative impact on our students’ learning. Parents and educators who read these books will not only have a better understanding, but will also be inspired to change in their attitudes and preconceived notions on how students can excel in their learning. If you’ve ever wanted to unravel how student’s learn, then these books are the answer you have been looking for! They should be mandatory reading for every parent and educator.”

Erin Calhoun. National Institute of Learning Development.


“These books should be in the library of each school in every corner of the world. They should also be part of the syllabus in the institutions who are offer child psychology, and teacher training diplomas and degree programs.”

M.Imran Khan. CEO AIMMS Universities.

Middle East.

“These are very important and interesting books, with lots of valuable points for parents and teachers. They bring learning and education to a whole new level.”

Prof. Mads Hermansen. Educational Psychologist


“Roy….thank you! I started reading the first bits and was immediately hooked (this does not happen often, maybe once a year, I’m SUPER fussy about books, I’ve read too many…). You are a fantastic writer, not just because your info is of obvious high quality (just skimming a bit made that obvious) but the way you write too – it’s warm and entertaining and easy to read – no wonder you have such high applause from your critics!”

Lydia Cooper. Graphic Designer and Mother of 3,

South Africa.

“Roy, I would like to thank you for sharing your passion, heart, brilliance, and intellectual journey with me. I am very much enjoying your knowledgeable perspective on some very important challenges.”

Dr. Christopher John. Psychologist.


“The most important books I have ever read about a child’s intelligence.”

Prof. Tatyana Oleinik. Pedagogical University


“Dear Roy I really like your way of writing. Your narrative writing style captures me as a reader in your universe.”

Lone Birgitte Skov Jensen. Psychologist.


“Your observations on the way “education” is delivered, and all the things that are wrong with the current model of public education, are an eye-opener. It’s plain to me that many of your proposals are absolutely necessary if we are to achieve any semblance of an egalitarian society in which every child can develop to his or her full potential.”

Ms Sara Lappi. Educator.


“I am enjoying the books of Roy Andersen immensely. It has been taking me longer to read than I had imagined because the of the weight/importance of his thoughts.”

Leigh Ann Collinge Educator.


“I could not imagine the existence of such a completely different perspective for education, and the way it could be offered to new generations. The book kept my attention from the first to the very last page.”

Elias Aloupoyiannis. Attorney at Law. Ministry of Administrative Reform. Athen.


“Roy Andersen’s books really explain how teachers can tap into each student’s intelligence, increasing their chances of success in school and society.”

Debra Ruh, CEO Ruh Global Communications.


“We may have significant policies in education, but if we do not understand how the mind of the learner works our education will forever give us the wrong output. Roy Andersen has dealt with the issues of the learner and the learning process in great detail, and his books should inspire every stakeholder in education.”

Olive Wambui. Senior Assistant Director. Institute of Curriculum Development.


“Roy Andersen’s deep understanding of children’s behavior gives a new perspective to parents and educators in directing and re-directing student potentials — where their unique individualities can be given proper attention to shape their creative ideas into reality. Andersen’s books are really a heart touching narration of his experiences in dealing with children who need empathy and understanding. Educators and parents alike may use these books as the basis for learning — to create a genuine culture of assisting children in the optimum development of their full potential.”

Prof. Marinel Dayawon Ph.D. Assoc.Dean of Education. Isabela State Univ.


“These are wonderful books in which teachers are invited to develop motivation in their pupils through a new and creative way to teach. I like how they explain how parents have a pivotal role inside the school system and in the family to develop intelligence in their children.”

Nicoletta Lastella, Feuerstein trainer, Sviluppo Cognitive.


Dear Roy, What you have done should reach out to all the parents, parents-to-be and other practitioners such as kindergarten teachers, primary and secondary teachers. You have done extraordinary work!

Chun Hong Zong. Educator.


“Roy Andersen’s research and writings provide deep insights into the minds of children. His works are always easy to read and understand. His books are assets that are good material for professional development on every teacher’s table.”

Daniel Tay Xiong Sheng. Visual Mapper and Educator.


After reading your book, I felt I was sitting in your Lecture, and could ask any question? I wouldn’t feel uncertain about asking, because you write in a manner for all to understand. Anyone can embrace, and grasp easily the knowledge you share from your mind. Your work has so much distinctive influence upon us all. You make us realize what we need to do to help children, and how we can do it.”

Denise Nakata. Mother and Teacher.


“These books are never dull, not even for a moment. Beautifully written! Roy has written in such a way that anyone can pick up his books and understand where he is coming from and where he is going in his thoughts, that offer profound insight into what is wrong with school, and why we need to change the ways we are preparing our children for the world they will live in.”

Rachel Wong. Principal.