The Illusion of Education

We worry about our children in school. We think about how school can help our children to learn, and we trust teachers to do their best so that our children can gain the best grades when they leave school. This is what we focus upon. We do not focus upon and most do not know what the real purpose of school is, and so why it processes rather than develops our children.

After all, more children leave school today with higher qualifications than they ever did before. Yet, we are suspicious of what this means when we see the problems of education: masses of teachers leaving, students more illiterate than they were in the past, and too many leaving school with less knowledge than students did one hundred years ago. On top of this, the student of today is more emotionally unsure of themselves, and more aggressively minded as they enter society than we were.


What is wrong with our societies, our schools, and the ways parents today raise their children?

This book explain why we do not teach children how to think as soon as they enter the school process, and the difference it would make if we did.

The Illusion of Education seeks to address a global problem, for schools in every country of the world today still seek to produce the model of a citizen that is 100 years out of date.