Online Teacher Training Course

Online Teacher Training Course

Course Overview

Excel in the fields of education teaching and student academic development.

This essential course supports the excellence in teaching and student development of any age that is required to bring about learning of the highest quality, and will benefit all teaching professionals and those interested in the learning development of children, adolescents and adults.

From this course, provided by The Andersen Academy and based on his scientific research, writings, and 30 years of teaching experience, Roy Andersen of world renown, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the principal strategies that can be employed to understanding and respecting students, becoming passionate about transferring knowledge, improve your ability to control class behaviour, be more able to inspire your students with a desire to want to learn and to want to help you in their learning process. Join a growing team of professionals and non professionals preparing the child of today for a world that will be disturbingly controlled by artificial intelligence with far more social problems than we now have today.

Course Description

I have been involved in education, in one form or another, throughout my entire life. As we begin this journey of learning together, I hope there are many things I can share with you from those I have learnt through teaching and working with children for 40 years. If there would be one single word I could convey to you that would bring you success in all your teaching it would be the word “sensitive”. Your awareness to be sensitive in how you display your actions to your learner, how sensitive you are in how you share your mind with their experiences of the subject and those of their life, will greatly determine the sensitivity with which they respond to you, and how sensitive they will be when displaying to you what they have learnt from you. Don’t ever think that you are not a part of the response and so the quality of the answer your student gives to you when they attempt to answer a question, complete a written assignment or take an examination.
You are!

Join the Online Andersen Method of Teaching now, to bring a new approach to understanding how to help any student at any level want to learn and learn better.

“…. As I walked around the class, the words rang in my ears, these students were not … connecting!. They had not kept up with their lessons …… The differences in their performances, which I had thought were differences in ability, were, now I realised, only differences related to how well each had kept up with their lessons and how well each had prepared themselves for this one. Understanding this, was the key to understanding how to teach them better. First, I had to find a way to get them to want to learn. Then, and only then, I could teach them strategies to keep up with their lessons, so that all could get better marks…”

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The Regular Coached Course:

If you decide to join the Regular Coached Course, you will be expected to attend the set meetings with me that will be held every week for 6 weeks, so that you can discuss your progress through each module. You will also have the opportunity to join the Open Forum to share your thoughts and raise questions with the other members. After completing module 6, you will be required to submit a 2 page self-assessment of how you feel this course has benefited you in order to obtain the right to your certificate.

Price: Total Cost of The Regular Coached Course 699 GBP

*If you are busy, you may pay this promotional price now, to start anytime within the next 6 months.
* If you live outside Western Europe, North America and Australasia, or are facing financial difficulties at this moment in your life, please request a special dispensation voucher to enjoy this teacher training course. We are here to help you, to help your students.
* Schools can also buy a license for this course to keep within their staff library. Please enquire for details.

Self-Paced Course:

If you decide to join the Self-Paced Course you will be required to work through each module as your time allows. This is the most economical level, and it is designed for those who are very busy and wish to progress through the course at their own rate. Here you are free to study the material by yourself and join the Open Forum to discuss with other participants your thoughts and questions. As a participant of the The Self-Paced Course you will not be able to join the group discussions with me for those attending The Regular Coached Course. However, you are entitled to join the monthly open discussion group with me that will be held once a month for an hour. In this course, you will monitor your own progress throughout, and will be required to submit a 2 page self-assessment of how you feel this course has benefited you in order to obtain the right to your certificate.

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