Teacher Consultation

Teacher Consultation

I offer a Help-Line to Teachers

All discussions are kept in the strictest of confidence, as I respect you as a human being.

As a teacher, you are the most important person in your society, because it is only you who is preparing the future worker and citizen for the world that awaits them. Yet, teachers are normally overworked and overstressed and given too little consideration to these factors that do wear them out and drain them physically and mentally.

* If you live outside Western Europe, North America and Australasia, or are facing financial difficulties at this moment in your life, please request a special dispensation voucher.

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Can I help you ?

Do you feel burnt out and can’t continue?
Do you have a personal problem with another member of the staff, that you wish to keep confidential?
Do you have a problem with a particular parent and feel you are not getting anywhere?
Are you concerned about a particular student, and can’t get the advice you need?
Do you have stress with a particular class?
Would you like simple advice about how to teach a lesson better?
Do you need support in teaching students who seem unreachable?
Do you understand how to differentiate instruction in a 45 to 90 minute time-frame?
Do you have a teaching concern that you would like professional and confidential help with?
Do you want advice on how to teach a class with a wide variation of ability? Each class normally has three groups: Those who are in front, those stuck in the middle and those lost, confused, which often contains the trouble makers.

“Dear Teachers., you would find Roy Anderson to be an adaptable, affectionate and amiable educational consultant who works diligently and intuitively to help all teachers with the teaching responsibilities and stresses they have. I know him to be passionate and persistent to resolve any problem concerning the academic development of a child. You would find his assistance invaluable.”

Huma Kirmani. School Consultant, Honorary member of United Nation of Pakistan and author. Pakistan.

“My teachers and I have been trained by Roy, so we know what we are talking about. He is really the best in the field of training to teachers and to all people associated with how a school is able to operate at its very best.
Roy understands very well how a school operates and how its teachers will vary in their teaching from country to country, but he understands very well how to bring all this down to a heart to heart level so anyone anywhere can learn from him. His teachings and his ways touched the heart of my students and brought them very close to their teachers, so I now have a very, very happy school.”

Tej Shrestha. Principal. Sunshine School. Nepal.