Principals and School Inspectors Consultation

Principals and School Inspectors Consultation

I offer a Help-Line to Principals.

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I offer a one to one video online consultation with principals in regard to problems they may have in their school.

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Do you have a problem with a teacher you can not easily resolve?
Do you have problems with the parents of your students?
Do you have equality issues?
Would like to have a caring and situationally appropriate school system?
Do you have a problem from the school that is bringing stress into your personal life.

“Roy is a great educationist. He is an experienced consultant and provides assistance regarding the selection of an appropriate syllabus for school children. He can play a pivotal role in promoting any school with a disruptive record. I know he helps a situation where teachers keep grudges against children and are vindictive towards them. He understands and helps with the role of the parent in the school and all about the development of the child’s social, emotional and personal skills. He helped me a lot with one angry mother I had to deal with.”

Dr. Sadaf Iqbal Principal Aurakzai model School, Hazara university. Pakistan.

“Roy’s calm and thoughtful approach to supporting individuals is as refreshing as it is effective. He is respected across the globe for his work to improve the quality of education for both the individual and at a system level.”

Ian Arkell. Principal and Educational Consultant. U.K.