Preparing a New-World Education

‘Preparing a New-World Education: The Global Citizen’ demonstrates what is wrong with the way teachers teach and offers a new but highly proven method of teaching designed to help every single child in the class. It also offers a new curriculum to take the meaning of the child’s education into the 21st Century.

Our greatest error in society and school today is to assume the world that our children will grow up into will be the same as ours. It will not. Most of us have heard of nanotechnology. When we think of this, we tend to think of machines that use nano parts, such as nano-cables. Very few people outside this highly specialized field have any conception of what nanotechnology is really about.

This book explains the probable danger of human intelligence being taken over by artificial intelligence in the work and social life of the future world of the child.

The only thing we can do to help our children of today is to finally fix education. This book shows how.