Parent Consultation

Parent Consultation

I offer a Help-Line to Parents.

Can I help you? All discussions are kept in the strictest of confidence, as I respect you as a human being.

I offer a one to one video online consultation with parents in regard to problems their child may have in school.

* If you live outside Western Europe, North America and Australasia, or are facing financial difficulties at this moment in your life, please request a special dispensation voucher.

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Problems in School

Are you worried about the excessive time your son or daughter spends using their smart phone or playing computer games?
Are you worried about the marks or grades your son or daughter is getting in school?
Does your son or daughter have a problem with one particular teacher?
Do you wonder what you can do to help your child learn better in school?
Does your son or daughter have no interest or a general apathy to want to learn in school?
Does your child have difficulty to concentrate in their lessons?
Are you worried that there are some factors that are distracting your child from learning?
Is your son or daughter bullied or intimidated by other children?

Before School

Are you interested to know what you can do as a parent to prepare your infant or child for school?
Are you pregnant, and wonder what you can do to help the development of intelligence in your fetus?

What Parents say:

“Roy, your works are something that every parent of today’s world dominated by AI, as you said, must know about. It is certainly how we share the behaviour and he way they perceive the world that makes them who they are in the future. Keep us updated. Thank you.”

Jyoti Khadka. TV host. Nepal

“Roy has been a very great help to me with his advice concerning my nephew who kept escaping from school. He has also given great advice about another member of my family. I know he helps parents all over the world. I think every mother should consult him when they have a problem with their child.”

Kia Oulebsir. Guardian and Teacher France.

“Thank you so much Roy for your advice. Thanks to you, my son is a happy child now and not as he used to be. He is developing himself little by little”

Nihel Salsabil. Mother. Algeria.