Memoirs of a Happy Teacher


Presented more as a fun and easy-to-read novel than the actual academic book it really is, Memoirs of a Happy Teacher strikes at the core of all the problems in school today. Many of these problems underlie those that are later manifested in our society. As Roy Andersen recounts his experiences creating a sound platform for an 18- month-old to learn, to helping bullied children overcome their problems in learning, to explaining to a dyslexic student of 17 why he never was truly dyslexic, Roy exposes the general misunderstandings behind why children really fail in school today.

As the reader is carried through personal interviews, village hall meetings, evening school talks, and battle-zone classrooms, they encounter the worries, questions, and problems faced by teachers, children, and their parents–all struggling to overcome an educational service that never seems to get it right.

This book is for any parent who is really interested in the struggles and dangers awaiting their child in school, and for teachers of all levels from nursery to university, as it unveils a new and yet highly tested teaching methodology purposely designed for the 21st Century Child.

After all, stars, marks, grades, and final examinations are simply a question of the child keeping up with each lesson. However, what we too often fail to understand is that the stresses we incur and unwittingly pass on to our child, when we argue or are too tired and too bored with life, not only disturbs their mind but also their grades in school.

For the mind of the student today is too seldom a happy one, as it struggles to survive in a world that is far more toxic than that which we lived in when we were children, and so can too little understand or know how to deal with.

This is a book that shows you how.