The Brain Environment Complex

The Brain Environment Complex: We think of intelligence as something inherited and something developed, but what is it that we actually inherit that allows us to have a quality of intelligence?

Could it be that we inherit genetic codes not for intelligence but for the brain to devise itself through the information that reaches it from the outside world, and then how the mind interprets the meaning of this information? If so, this would explain why intelligence varies with people of different cultures and so of different social levels, as each group sees the collective meaning to information differently.

“The Brain Environment Complex: In Search of a New Understanding of Intelligence” takes the reader far beyond Gardner’s 9 intelligence to understand how the human child really learns from fetus to adolescent, and beyond.

For the first time in over 100 years, this book brings a whole new understanding of what intelligence is.

Told in an easy to understand way, the parent and teacher are brought to understand how children really learn in the 21st Century.